august 2016

Hammertoe Repairs with Flexor Tendon Transfer

When performing a hammertoe repair some physicians have added a service in which the flexor tendon is first divided then split down the middle with each of the two arms of the flexor tendon brought up over the base of the proximal phalanx to stabilize the MTPJ. I have seen many variations of coding for this service from 28899 unlisted, to 28313 reconstruction of angular deformity and 2769 transfer of tendon deep which isn’t even in the foot and toe section of the CPT manual.

Here is the latest AMA information that was published in CPT Assistant June of 2016.

  1. When an extensor tenotomy and flexor tendon transfer is performed for the correction of a claw toe, it would be appropriate to report CPT code 28285 – Repair of hammertoe.
  2. When a hammertoe repair is completed and the physician also performs the flexor tendon transfer then the tendon transfer is an inclusive component of a flexible hammertoe repair and not additionally reported.


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