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One type of labral tear is known as a Bankart lesion. Within the shoulder capsule there are a number of ligaments that act as restraints, reinforcing the shoulder joint holding the humeral head in the glenolabral cup or socket. At the front lower portion of the shoulder (anteroinferior) - you will find the inferior glenohumeral ligament. When this ligament fails during a dislocation injury, the humeral head will push down towards the front of the shoulder tearing the labrum resulting in a Bankart lesion. Typical symptoms of a Bankart lesion include joint instability or repeat dislocations with a popping sound and/or mechanical catching within the joint. Repair of a Bankart lesion can be accomplished by either an open procedure or arthroscopic technique.

The CPT codes are as follows;

23455 – Capsulorrhaphy, anterior; with labral repair (Bankart procedure)
There are parenthetical notes under this CPT code that instruct a coder to report 29806 for the arthroscopic procedure.

29806 – Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical; capsulorrhaphy
















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